miércoles, setiembre 16, 2015

Re: Your popularity score is in the top 25%


Your popularity rank is based on who has you as a contact. See how you compare to others.

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lunes, setiembre 07, 2015

Early limited invitation to the simplest video editing app


I am Kazuhiro, CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest video editing app. I am writing to you because I have seen your stunning photos on Flickr.

Our aim is to build a platform collecting beautiful videos from around the planet. It is scheduled to be officially launched to the public at the end of September, but starting this month we are sending exclusive special invitations to users who post stunning photos on Flickr!

We believe the users in the first community will govern the quality of the product. For this reason, we place great importance on the quality of the first community, and we are carefully screening the photos posted on Flickr and sending exclusive invitations to only selected users. You take such breathtaking pictures, and we would very much like you to join our beginning community and help us build the most beautiful video platform in the world!

VIBBIDI is the perfect app to share videos to social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Editing or taking gorgeous videos like the one below is a breeze. Influential creators, with users from over 100 different countries, are already using the app; you're sure to find inspiration just by watching their gorgeous videos!

Please download the app here to begin your trial! It is always free, and it will continue to be free after the public launch in late September!

Feel free to contact us anytime if there is something that you would like to give us feedback on! Our wish is to be able to keep on creating VIBBIDI, the most beautiful video platform in the world, together with you!

Best Regards,
Kaz Naya

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domingo, abril 12, 2015

Re: a-cidosuficiente's contact info

Francisco Burga C.
Francisco asked us to reach out and confirm they have your latest info

Here's what they have for you now:
For your safety, this link expires in 48 hours
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